Latest WhatsApp Feature

As many of you may know WhatsApp just add a cool new feature to its popular messaging app. Okay, Many of you don’t know that’s why you are reading this post.

This feature allows you to pin chats to the top of your chat list which is a cool thing considering people like me that have over 50 open chats. This would save me time from scrolling down and finding the contact you want to chat with.

But But But!!! Yeah, there is always a But! You can only pin 3 contacts to the top of the chat that’s kinda sad considering most people have more than 3 people they would love to have constant convos with. Anyways that’s what WhatsApp gave us and that’s what would work with, for now, I would be delighted if the number of pin chat could increase Sha.

So to pin a chat to the top of your chat list you need to first update your “WhatsApp App” (love the sound of that) to the latest version then long press on any contact you would love to pin, depending on you hardware i.e mobile device, options would pop us somewhere for Android it should pop up on top, then you should find a pin options amongst the pop up menu select that and ta da!! You are done.  A pin icon would appear beside any pinned contact.

That’s all you need to know about the new pin feature from WhatsApp. If you have any question of difficulty drop it in the comment box and I’ll see how I can help.

Download the Latest Version of WhatsApp Here


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