Spinlet Music App


I never intended starting a Blog site by picking on a mobile App developer but this one I just had to do for People in the Republic.

I stumbled upon this app while I was trying to download the newly released Album of our very own Mr Capable (Banky W) and it was very obvious from the twitter updates that the only place online you could get the Album was from this Spinlet app, SPINLET is an app that allows for streaming of music via the internet and also you can download music but it comes with a price,  so I decided to download the app which I did very easily.

Upon registration I started going through the app trying to see what it was all about, which I normally do with every app I download. Well I found out that it was a music shearing app with a very good user interface and good streaming speed, when I decided to download Mr Capable Album I was told it cost 22 SC okay what’s SC you would ask, I asked that too on my first encounter, SC is the app currency which I presume means Spinlet Currency Or Credit which ever one your decide to Call it. This is where I started having problem with the app. I found out the following problem.


1.There are limited options for Topping Up Your Spinlet Credit this is what have decided to call it, just one in fact which is “Pay With Phone Credit”

2. The Price of SC vary between different Network in Nigeria according to the official Spinlet Twitter Handle @Spinlet.

3. Its says on the Page where u Top Up that 75 SC will cost me N500 and can get me 2 songs while another option say 35 SC will cost me N200 and that will get me 1 song. (For Glo Network)

4. Its not available for iOS that is Apple Iphone.

5. The Songs you buy with your money can not be played on ur device except with the Spinlet App.

After much tinkering I found out this 5 problems, and I decided to contact Spinlet.

For the first problem Spinlet replied my via twitter saying
“@Spinlet: We are providing other payment options, credit card, spinlet vouchers etc where 1SC = N1 so 75SC = N75”

For the second problem they replied saying
“@Spinlet: On etisalat; 35SC = N100, 75SC = N200 and 150SC = N400”

followed By

“@Spinlet: on Etisalat, 35SC gets you an album, 75SC = 2 albums and 150Sc = about 5 albums”

For the third Problem they also replied me Via twitter saying
“@Spinlet: you must be using Glo in Nigeria. In buying additional Sc with phone credit glo charges 80% on top of the price of the album”

this is Huge, how will a Network charge me extra for purchasing Music Online. Na them sing the songs?

And for the Fourth and final problem Our very own Mr Capable Tweeted saying
“@BankyW: Last minute issues with Apple have prevented it from working on their devices. Network issues may slow down the process, but it shld work”

and the this also followed

“@BamkyW: Pls bear with us. We will release it on all other platforms soon. Thanks very much for supporting us..”

Its not all negative for the app, for the good part the app is wonderful, has lots of cool features like reading your local Memory for you music i.e the music in your device and memory card, works basically like another music player on ur device, also has a social touch to it with messaging capabilities and a way to create playlists which you can shear with friends. You could also add friends by inviting them to Join Spinlet or searching for registered friends and adding them.

This App is a great Innovation for this part of the world, in a country where piracy and bootlegging has gotten so bad that it doesn’t make monetary sense for artists and labels to put CD’s out, I see this app as a game changer, I reckon they intend competing with the likes of Apples ITunes, Putting extra Cash in the Pockets of Our Beloved Artists. Am looking forward to seeing update and more stuffs added to this app.

But the BIG QUIESTIONS I want to put out to the Republic are.

1. Would you Buy a Music Track For N200 which is equivalent to 35 SC?

2. What Do You think Of The app?

You can download the app at www.spinlet.com

Drop Your comments.


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