Nuvu by Airtel

So I stumbled upon this app while looking for where to download free movies, yeah I do that too.

The Nuvu app is a movie/video download app by Airtel that basically allows you to download movies both local and international. The cool thing about this app is that it allows you to download movies without mobile data, yeah I said that correctly without a mobile data.

The app requires you to have an Airtel SIM card to be able to access the unlimited download which only happens between 12:00 am to 6:30 am. When you Download the app for the first time you register with you Airtel number and you are given a 14 days trial period which you don’t pay for. But after this trial period expires you’ll then pay N1750 for 30days or N875 for 7days. The videos last only 30days on your phone so you have little time to watch, that’s a minus for me cos there are some movies I’d love to watch more than once then I’ll have to download them again.

The app comes packed with Nollywood and Hollywood titles and also music videos. But none of this titles are recent, most of them a 2016 and later, hopefully, Airtel would include some latest titles when people get to start subscribing. Also, the movies are stored on your phone memory so If you have a phone with limited memory space you would have problems downloading more than a couple of movies.

Asides that’s the app is pretty cool and the movies are really clear with video quality at 360p it’s more than enough for any mobile phone. Let’s hear your thoughts in the comment section, would you pay N1750 a month for this app?

Download the Nuvu app by Airtel on Google Play store 


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