How to get Google Assistant on any Android Phone

Google’s Virtual Assistant has evolved through the years, from the days of Google Voice to Google Now and now we have the Google Assistant. Getting your hand on this cool Google feature could be a bit tricky if you are using a lower version of Android 5.0 and below to be precise, if your Android version is 6.0 and above you have no problem, it’s come pre-installed  on your device, all you need to do is update you Google Now App. you Could also get Google Assistant by buying Google’s Virtual Home Assistant Google Home.


So how do you then get the virtual assistant on your phone if you are not running Android 6.0 and above? and if you don’t have the Google Home device. Here is one way you could use Google’s Virtual Assistant on Android 5.0 and lower versions of Android.

Google launched a messaging app called Allo last year and this app comes with a built-in Google Assistant. Having this app on your phone gives you the ability to use the Google Assistant in the app on any Android phone.

Download the Allo app from Google Play Store and run the setup by registering with your phone number, a verification code would be sent to your phone number, input the verification code and you are done. The Google Assistant would work you through the Allo app and you can start using the Google Assistant. Google Assistant on the Allo app comes with limited functionality but half bread is better than none.


Google Assistant is not the same as Google now, it’s like the upgraded version of Google Now with even lots of goodies. There are lots of stuff you can ask Google Assistant to do for you and below are a list of some of those commands.

Open the Allo App and tap on the Google Assistant, You can either tap on the mic to say your command or Type in a command.

  1. “Show me Photos of Lagos”
  2. “Whats the weather like in Kaduna”
  3. “Set a reminder for Tomorrow”
  4. ” Whats the Square Root Off 89″
  5. “Kaduna News”
  6. “How far is Kaduna to Lagos”
  7. “Let’s Play a Game”
  8. “Tell Me a Joke”
  9. “Set Alarm”
  10. “Recite a Poem”

You can ask the Google Assistant virtually anything, Google Assistant on the Allo App has no Voice response built into it, so all the response you’ll get are text and image. Google Assistant is also now available on iOS devices so if you own an iPhone you can now download Google Assistant from the Apple App Store.

Download The Google Allo Messaging App Here





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